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3 Tips for Processing Full Moon Energy

Feeling hung over from the full moon?

I’ve got you, fam.

Here are 3 tips to processing all of this super powerful energy:

1) Take care of your physical form.

When we go though a big energenic shift, our bodies sometimes get a little wonky. Mystery pains, exhaustion, or sleeping problems are all signs that the shift is hitting us hard.

Drink lots of water. No really, if you think you’re already drinking a lot, challenge yourself to drink more. Hydration helps to move the toxins and gunk out of your body. We’re made of mostly water, and water stores energy and emotion really well. Literally flush out what you want to release.

Listen to your body. If it wants to eat, feed it. If it wants to move, get up and move. If it wants to sleep, take a nap. There’s no one right way to process. Let your body be your guide.

2) Crystals are your BFFs.

Ask your crystals and see which ones want to help. Whenever I’m working on something heavy, I always ask for volunteers. Not only is each type of crystal unique in what it heals, but even if you have two of the same type, one may want to help and the other may not.

My current squad: Hematite, Rainbow Obsidian, Garnet, and Malachite.

3) Mindset work is as important as energy work.

You can do the best releasing ritual ever, but if you keep thinking about how stuck you are…. you’re gonna stay stuck.

You have to make sure your thoughts are in alignment with the new reality you’re creating. If you want to be rich, stop thinking about how poor you are! If you want to be thin, stop calling yourself fat! If you want to be loved, stop thinking you’re unlovable!

Once you recognize these thoughts, you can stop them midstream and replace them with something more beneficial. Get in the habit of talking kindly to yourself. Be your own best friend.

If you’re looking to REALLY go deep, I offer 1 on 1 energy healing where we not only do the woo-woo stuff, but also go deep into the mindset and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

You are here to do big, BIG things in the world, and I want to help you reach and surpass all of your goals.

Drop me a PM if you’re ready to release what’s keeping you stuck.


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