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Bryn Biemeck on the Issues


Restore Quality in Schools

 “I believe that to restore quality in our schools, we must first begin by rewarding quality teachers and the passion that they give to the classroom. Great teachers are the key to a great education for our students. Secondly, we must ensure that teachers have the resources and tools that they need to provide the quality education that each child deserves.” - Bryn

Reduce the Costs of an Education

 “One of the greatest barriers our schools face is the rising costs of providing a quality education to our students. We must cut the red tape that is preventing teachers from receiving the resources that they need, and allow for the better use of finances and equipment in the classroom.  Furthermore, we need school board members that will analyze administrative overhead and find creative ways to save money.” - Bryn

Rebuild Relationships with Parents

 “Over the last several years, a widening gap has been developing between parents and what happens in the classroom. We must bridge the gap to unite parents and teachers in their common goal of properly educating our next generation. My plan is to develop an active line of communication with the community to gain an insight into the unique challenges families face in the Racine Unified School District.” - Bryn

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